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AMERISKIN ® Dermatology is a public-private effort in healthcare services related to educating Americans about proper skin care as well as the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions, including skin cancers. The activities of AMERISKIN ® Dermatology are coordinated by Byron L. Barksdale, M.D. who was American Board of Pathology certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology in 1981 as well as re-certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology in 1999. Dr. Barksdale is a member of the Nebraska Medical Association, the Nebraska Association of Pathologists, the College of American Pathologists, the American Public Health Association and the American College of Preventive Medicine. Dr. Barksdale also directs the Cuba AIDS Project.

AMERISKIN ® Dermatology has a growing network of talented licensed healthcare professionals who deliver cost effective skin disease diagnosis and treatment across America as well as skin cancer prevention programs. These professionals include primary healthcare providers, dermatopathologists, pathologists, surgeons, medical oncologists, and radiation therapists. If you undergo a skin biopsy, the skin specimen may be sent to AMERISKIN ® Dermatology for processing, evaluation, diagnosis, and inclusion in its database. The pathology report is an important part of comprehensive care of your skin condition or skin cancer.

You may contact AMERISKIN ® Dermatology to request additional information about skin care and skin diseases as well as obtain an appointment for skin cancer screening by licensed healthcare professionals in our AMERISKIN ® Dermatology network throughout AMERICA.

For more information about our services or to send skin biopsies to us, contact

AMERISKIN ® Dermatology
1931 West A Street
North Platte, Nebraska 69101

Byron L. Barksdale, M.D.
Phone: 308-532-4700

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