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There are many resources available through the Internet on the World Wide Web regarding skin disease, especially skin cancer. The following links, updated often, provide a diverse resource of credible and reliable information to patients, their families and healthcare providers:

International Society of Dermoscopy

International Society of Dermatologists

The Skin Cancer Foundation

National Melanoma Foundation

Melanoma Education Foundation

Centers for Disease Control

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

College of American Pathologists

American Society of Clinical Pathology

National Institutes of Health

National Cancer Institute

National Eye Institute

National Library of Medicine

Department of Health and Human Services

National Women's Health Information Center

U.S. State and Local Government Gateway

National Health Information Center

Office of the Surgeon General of the USA



AMERISKIN ® Dermatology is a public-private effort in healthcare services related to educating Americans about proper skin care as well as the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions, including skin cancers. If you undergo a skin biopsy, the skin specimen may be sent to AMERISKIN ® Dermatology for processing, evaluation, diagnosis, and inclusion in its database.

For more information about our services or to send skin biopsies to us, contact

AMERISKIN ® Dermatology

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